• Responsive Web Design
    We utilize the latest responsive design techniques to ensure your website maintains a consistent design philosophy regardless of device or screen size. You'll be ready for your customers no matter how they choose to interact with your website.
  • Mobile Apps
    A mobile app can help your product or service reach a broader audience. Users often check on the app store before searching online, and many established brands now have a presence on the major app markets.
  • Web Apps
    We take advantage of the latest development tools and frameworks like Ruby on Rails and AngularJS to create rich, interactive web applications and have experience with a wide variety programming languages and tools.

Web and app

Development and design

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Full stack solutions

Let us handle the design, development and deployment of your next project.

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Mobile apps

We use platform independent app development frameworks to craft a single codebase that works on smartphones and tablets running both iOS and Android.

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Web apps

Whether you're building the next big thing or just moving old software to the cloud, count on us to deliver a quality, easy to use web application.

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Responsive design

Your site will be recognizable across a wide variety of platforms and screen sizes because the same code and elements are being used for each individual device.

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Api development

Need to expose your data or products to the internet for use by other developers? We'll create an intuitive, RESTful API endpoint to serve as a solid app platform.

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We provide database design and administration services for both SQL and NoSQL powered projects. We'll host it for you, too.

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We offer professional quality web hosting services starting at $10 a month. Our secure and reliable servers are monitored 24/7 to ensure maximum speed and availability.

Wreetco Contact Manager WCM

The wreetco contact manager enables easy management of contact form submissions from your website. For now, this tool is exclusively available to wreetco clients.

MSU Computer Club MSU Computer Club

As MSU Denver students, we are pleased to host and maintain the school's computer club website.

Wreetco M.E.A.N. Seed MEAN Wreed

Our custom MEAN seed. Includes Mongoose support with example model and comes bootstrapped with AngularJS and a copy of Zurb's Foundation 5. It's our preferred way to get started.